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Past Events

Perspectives on Truancy


June 16, 2016 ~1:30 p.m.

During the Annual Meeting of the State Bar of Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center

Section Reception at 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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The Ethics of Social Media for the Judiciary
April 22, 2016 ~ 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.
1 Hour including 1 Hour Ethics MCLE Credit
Presented by Seana Willing, Executive Director, State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Materials Provided during the CLE:

  1. Social Media for Judges
  2. Canons

Texas Property Code Legislative Updates for Chapters 24 and 92:
New and Amended Laws Effective January 1, 2016
February 5, 2016 ~ 12 p.m. -1 p.m. 1 hour MCLE Credit 


This one-hour telephone CLE will be presented by Scott H. Fournier of the Cweren Law Firm, a current officer for the Justice of the Peace Courts Section.

Materials Provided during the CLE:





Previous Telephone CLE
by The Justice of the Peace Courts Section Subsidized Housing Evictions
1 hour MCLE Credit



This one-hour telephone CLE presented by Kevin Fulton and provides a brief overview of the various subsidized housing eviction cases in justice courts.

Materials Provided during the CLE:

1- Evictions lihtc.pdf

2 Sample Public Housing.pdf-

3 Model Lease Project.pdf

4 Hap Contract.pdf

5 Sub 2.pdf-